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ment of multi-valve engine, and the   sign and development.

 performance improvement of the exist-  OMI Chief Technology Officer Giovanni

 ing engine. Moreover, the development   Mariani said at the signing ceremony

 and design of all engines under this   that Lifan is a well-known motorcy-

 cooperation are based on the China 5   cle enterprise in China with complete

 and European 5 regulations.   design, verification, manufacture and

 Lifan’s partnership with OMI began in   sales capabilities and systems in the

 2017 and has produced a number of   field of motorcycles. OMI and Lifan

 achievements in the past two years,   will carry out more in-depth and com-

 including the co-operation of the   prehensive cooperation in motorcycle

 450mL engine on the KPT500. In ad-  engines and body systems. OMI will

 dition, Lifan also commissioned OMI to  work hard to enhance the competitive-

 design or optimize the “LIFAN NBS250   ness of all kinds of products of Lifan

 engine”, “LIFAN VRF450 engine”, “LI-  motorcycles.

 FAN 800CC engine” and other prod-  With regard to this cooperation, Yang

 ucts.  Bo said that Lifan and OMI will en-

 OMI is a well-known Italian company   hance the overall R & D strength and

 engaged in engine design, testing and   scientific and technological content of

 development of two-wheeled vehicles,   Lifan motorcycles, based on the prod-

 providing technical support services   uct research and development under

 for Lifan, Yarmaha, Honda, Kawasaki,   the China 5 and European 5 stand-

 Peugeot and other well-known motor-  ards, which will help Lifan motorcycle

 cycle enterprises at home and abroad.   layout in advance of more competitive

 It has strong R & D strength in the field   products, and then seize the market

 of motorcycle engine and vehicle de-  first.

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