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 On May 31, Lifan Group and Italian OMI engine Technology Company signed a strategic coop-
 eration agreement. The two sides will give full play to their strengths in their respective fields,

 based on the China 5 and European 5 standards. Focus on motorcycle engine, vehicle design

 and development field, to carry out in-depth cooperation, to build a win-win strategic cooper-

 ative partnership for sustainable development.

 It is understood that the two sides reached in-

 depth strategic cooperation will focus on the 600mL

 scooter and 600mL cruise vehicle engine and body

 system development. The two sides will work to-

 gether to carry out the design, trial production and

 verification of new models. Secondly, Lifan also

 commissioned OMI to provide technical support

 to Lifan’s a self-developed engine, such as 800ml,

 1000 mL and above, to the design and develop-

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