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 Nowdays, many manufacturers are launching
 racing motorcycles, as well as replica motor-
 cycles such as the RC213V-S, Dukatii Panigale
 V4. But these cars, whether engine power or
 full configuration, can not be compared to those
 that really run on the track. Now the MV Agusta
 Reparto Corse team is officially selling MV Agus-
 ta F3XX, the WSBK class car!
 MV Agusta Reparto Corse team has nothing
 to do with MV Agusta’s sales department. The
 team’s only business is racing, so that’s why the
 motorcycle is on sale. MV Agusta Reparto Corse
 rider RAFFAELE DE ROSA won twice in WSSP,
 and the table is currently No. 5. WSSP is the
 600cc group, MV Agusta F3 in the WSBK series
 that still uses 675mL’s three-cylinder engine.
 However, the power of F3XX is upgraded to a
 798mL three-cylinder engine. Compared with
 the 153hp of the F3 800 RC, the F3XX has the
 maximum horsepower of the 160hp, while the
 overall quality is only 155 kg. In the configuration,
 the whole motorcycle uses carbon fiber rectifier
 cover. Redundant lines and parts are removed.
 The instrument is AiM MXS1.2 racing instrument,
 responsible for displaying detailed vehicle infor-
 mation, electronic control device from MecTronik
 On the hardware side, Ohlins NIX 43mm is
 used for front shock absorption. After shock
 absorption, Ohlins TTX36, steering damping
 also comes from Ohlins. Braking system from
 Brembo, exhaust is SC-Project. In addition to
 the above configuration, MV Agusta Reparto
 Corse team also provides customized services,
 so F3XX does not have a standard pricing. If you
 get such a motorcycle to race, you can definitely
 become the focus of the game.

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